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Isn’t it good, Norwegian Gold


Official report from the first major celebration of an old James Bond film in Oslo – a 50th anniversary celebration of Goldfinger (1964) 

On May 22 and May 23, 2014, Norwegian James Bond-magasinet (Morten Steingrimsen) and From Sweden With Love (Anders Frejdh) hosted a 50th anniversary celebration of “Goldfinger” (1964), considered by many to be the most iconic and influential 007 film.

It started on 22 May 2014 with the guests of honour Sir Ken Adam, Sir Christopher Frayling (and his wife Lady Helen Frayling), Norman Wanstall and Margaret Nolan being greeted at the airport in Gardermoen, Norway. The guests were then conveyed in a motorcade of vintage Rolls-Royce cars to the Oslo city centre. Sir Ken greatly appreciated this, being a proud driver of a white, convertible Rolls himself. This Bondian fleet of cars was made possible by the Norwegian Rolls-Royce club who had also been involved with the Norwegian premiere party for “Quantum of Solace” in 2008. It was also in keeping with the theme of the event as Auric Goldfinger is the proud owner of a rather special 1937 Rolls-Royce Phantom III in the film (this car can be seen in the current Bond in Motion exhibit in London) and co-producer Cubby Broccoli also preferred to be driven in his famous Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II.

Galla JB

Photo: Charlotte Sandell

After a short rest at the hotel, the guests were picked up by an “Octo-Rolls” – it seated eight! – and transported to the luxurious Kino Victoria cinema. Sean Connery’s film “The Terrorists” (also known under the title “Ransom”, 1974) was filmed not far from this theatre.

At the entrance of the Kino Victoria, guests were greeted by a display of a factory-new Aston Martin Vanquish and a Range Rover Sport (which Daniel Craig launched in 2013). In order to maintain the British atmosphere, all guests were welcomed by a cabin crew from British Airways (an airline associated with several Bond films including the 1979’s “Moonraker”).

What is special about Kino Victoria is that it offers a total experience: a restaurant, Spiseriet, and a cinema theatre – in the same space. For the occasion, Kino Victoria was turned into a casino in the best Bond-style (where the public could compete for a trip to an exotic, James Bond-worthy, destination), the great LED displays showed clips from the Bond films, first-class bartenders offered a wide range of carefully selected Bond cocktails and the PA system blared Bondian music The staff was dressed in gala dresses or tuxedos.

bilde galla

Anders Frejdh, Norman Wanstall and Morten Steingrimsen. Photo: Charlotte Sandell

The guests enjoyed a menu of seasonal ingredients including asparagus soup and the hall began to fill with celebrities including model Linni Meister, ex Fulham FC footballer John Arne Riise (and his wife Louise Angelica Markussen), as well as the British Ambassador in Norway, Mrs. Jane Owen (accompanied by her son).

NRK, who earlier that day had done interviews with guests of honour, also had a live transmission to the Norway’s major evening news broadcast. In addition, in a live broadcast to its own website, NRK interviewed James Bond-magasinet’s Morten Steingrimsen about the event. The reporter was fascinated by Morten’s Anthony Sinclair suit identical to Connery’s own from the film. Inside the cinema, Morten introduced the event and told the audience about the evening program. The Ambassador Jane Owen of what James Bond has done for Britain, and then From Sweden With Love’s Anders Frejdh hosted a Q & A with Norman Wanstall and Margaret Nolan. Before the film started, Morten held a raffle with great prizes including a Bond Racing Set by Scalextric.

James Bond galla div

Morten Steingrimsen, Sir Ken Adam and Sir Christopher Frayling. Photo: Charlotte Sandell

And then, “Goldfinger”! The film looked gorgeous on the big screen – magical to watch the movie with the film-makers in the audience; one of whom won the first Bond Oscar. For many of the audience was this was first time they saw an older Bond movie on the big screen and 50 years on, the highest number in screen entertainment was still 007.

After the film there was a half-hour conversation between Sir Christopher Frayling and Sir Ken Adam. Sir Ken offered a variety of exciting revelations about his work on the Bond films, including the Aston Martin DB5 originally included a separate martini shaker that converts into a hand grenade.

Montasje 3

Jane Owen, British Ambassador to Norway, Sir Ken Adam and Sir Christopher Frayling. Photo: Charlotte Sandell

The after-party was livened up with a DJ but all good things came to an end at 24:00 and the event was finished.

All attendees were given an exclusive 4-page program programme (with the very rare and original Norwegian “Goldfinger” poster), which included an introduction by Guy Hamilton. Everyone got a goodie bag containing James Bond 007 Fragrance samples, a voucher for on demand service HBO Nordic, chips casino, exclusive and expensive chocolates and more.

Montasje 2

Norman Wanstall and Margaret Nolan. Photo: Charlotte Sandell

The following day, on May 23, Morgan Steingrimsen and Anders Frejdh took the guests for sightseeing of Oslo including the Viking Ship Museum, the Opera House, Ekeberg Hill (where Edvard Munch drew inspiration for his world-famous painting “The Scream”) and Bygdøy.

In the evening, it was time for the public screening of “Goldfinger”, in the same room at Kino Victoria as the night before. The screening was opened with another Q & A with Margaret Nolan and Norman Wanstall. The crowd warmly welcomed the guests of honour and asked a number of interesting questions.

The May 23 ended with a delicious meal at the Henrik Ibsen inspired Grand Café next to the Grand Hotel.

A total of nearly 600 people attended the two screenings of “Goldfinger”.

Steingrimsen and Frejdh are now working on another non-profit Bond event in Stockholm on 19-21 September.

A special thanks to all our honourable guests who made the trip from England: Sir Ken Adam, Sir Christopher Frayling, Lady Helen Frayling, Norman Wanstall and Margaret Nolan

A big thank you to all of our sponsors and partners that enabled the event: Eon Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Betsson, Oslo Kino / Cinema Victoria, Egmont Nordisk Film, Spiseriet, British Embassy Oslo, British Council – Norway, P4, TP Vision Norway , Ceremony, British Airways, Pernod Ricard Norway, The Absolut Company, Insignia, Aston Martin, heath winners!, SF Norway, Park Circus, Bond Lifestyle, HBO Nordic, Balkan Art Department, Montages, Filter, Grand Hotel, Anthony Sinclair, Engelschiøn Marwell Hauge, James Bond 007 Fragrance, Turnbull & Asser, Universal Music Norway, The Cinema Store, National Library, Exlibris Media AS, VisitBritain, Scalextric and Rolls Royce Enthusiast’s Club English Section.

Written and compiled by Anders Frejdh & Morten Steingrimsen. © 2014 From Sweden with Love & James Bond-magasinet.

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